The Production

Olio extravergine Anita, Olio Todini

High levels of quality, apart from those of the trees, soil, and climate, can be achieved with careful attention during processing. For example:

  • The olive harvest this is done by hand with a large amount of manpower manually with a huge manpower, trying not to cause any traumas to the fruit.
  • Olive storage the olives are collected in perforated plastic containers to allow good ventilation during the brief they are stored, so avoiding the formation of mould. We process the olives within 24 hours of harvesting to obtain a higher quality of oil.
  • Oil extraction this involves crushing, malaxing (mixing the olive paste), and pressing with a 400 atmosphere press. Water is used during the pressing to help extract the oil. A centrifuge is then used to separate the water from the oil.
  • Storage and preservation the olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen, to protect the oil from possible oxidation. The tanks, in turn, are stored in dedicated, temperature controlled rooms.

Olive trees of Montefranco

I nostri Olivi dai quali si produce Anita, olio extravergine

Moraiolo is the main variety of olive grown in these hills of Montefranco. The main varieties in our olive groves are Moraiolo (70%), Frantoio (20%), and Leccino (20%).